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Next generation data room

The next generation data room
After 25 years of seamless customer support on sensitive projects, data room companies wanted to develop a new version of its data rooms
This new solution was built on three pillars:

Optimal safety, adapted to a hostile enviroment
In the current context of increased digitization and cumbersome computer insecurity, it has become essential to call on an expert for any document exchange, especially in the context of confidential transactions. A specififc Data room company has therefore decided to make safety its top priority. The best possible security standards are applied to this Data Room: ISO 27001 and off Patriot Act hosting, frequent security audits, strong authentication, intrusion detection, various attacks…

Easy to use for a fast start
Some operations are urgent. It is therefore essential that the data room solution is easy to use so that the various stakeholders who have access to it can directly focus on their operations. It is in this spirit that this Data Room was developed: an intuitive platform on which every feature has been designed to be done with as few clicks as possible.

Personalized accompaniment for better quality of service
No ineffective call center, with us a referent consultant ensures the success of your operations. More than just technical support, proximity support will provide you with all the necessary advice in terms of good practices observed throughout the user experience. One of the beste Data room in the market.